Our Story

Opened in May 2011, Sweet Creations Pie Bakery is quickly creating a stir in Nashville as being the best place for a freshly baked, all natural sweet Southern pie. It’s all we do and people are taking notice. Sweet Creations has been featured in the Tennessean, as one of America's Best Pies in Travel + Leisure magazine, on A&E’s ‘Unforgettable,’ and in the recent episode of ABC’s ‘Nashville.’ 

Sweet Creations Pie Bakery, co-founded by Barbara Toms and Herman Patton, is a destination for locals and tourists alike. Come inside and meet the team behind the crust... 

Barbara Toms is a lifelong learner. She’s on her third career after tackling law school and divinity school. Always active in her home church her grandfather started, Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, Barbara turned her passion for baking into purpose with Sweet Creations.

She has spent most of her life in North Nashville. So her desire to play a part in the revitalization of the area just made sense. But it’s about more than the bricks and mortar of the new buildings going up. It’s the people that make the community what it is, and Barbara wanted to lift them up as well. While working at the Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church Community Development Corporation, she saw a need to create a business that could benefit the community and have a lasting impact.

That opportunity came through sharing her pies. Barbara began baking pecan pies 10 years ago for family holiday dinners using her mother's recipes but later developed her own signature flavor. Through a chance meeting with a MAPCO executive, who put her 3” pies into 80 stores, Sweet Creations was born. Her family encouraged her to create other varieties and now she has six flavors: pecan, chocolate chip pecan, sweet potato, jus’ (chess), peach and apple.

Sweet Creations Pie Bakery Staff

Lillian Williamson (Bakery Manager), Edith Jobe (Quality Control), Carissa Brown (Sales Assistant II), Maggie Brown (Sales Assistant), Ronnie Simmons (Route Driver), Andriana Adjei (Bakery)


At Sweet Creations Pie Bakery, our goal is to not only bake love and tradition into each pastry we serve, but to also demonstrate our commitment to serving the community by providing employment opportunities through our bakery operations. 

We also partner with area colleges, like Nossi College of Art, to work on various projects for the bakery.

In fact, we'd like to thank the following for lending us their time and talents:

  • Graphic Designer: Shelby Dean
  • Photographers: Katherine Seghers, Michelle Donovan, Karlie Fuerst, Scott Whigham, Laci Kent, Eric Dulberg, Julia York


Distribution inquiries, volume requests, and news inquiries can be directed to Barbara Toms at 615-255-5519.