Staff Spotlight: Meet Maggie Brown, Sales Assistant

November 17, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Meet Maggie Brown, Sales Assistant

One of the greatest joys for Sweet Creations Pie Bakery sales assistant, Maggie Brown, is delighting customers. “I like to share samples with customers and see their reactions.”

Prior to Sweet Creations, Maggie was a certified trainer at Krispy Kreme for 19 years in Tennessee. She traveled all over the state to help with store openings working 14-hour days with lines wrapped around the block. “I loved every bit of it. I liked waiting on customers and explaining about the business.” Her goal is to become a trainer for Sweet Creations as the business grows.

Maggie joined Sweet Creations in May 2016 and describes her role as doing whatever needs to be done. “I can’t be still. I have to keep busy. Pick up trash outside, wash windows, make flyers to hand out to customers.” Whatever the task, Maggie is ready to jump in and get it done.

When she does have a spare moment, Maggie has a passion for decorating homes. It’s something that came naturally to her like customer service. She’ll help friends select paint colors, curtains and accessories to really make a room pop. She also enjoys writing poems and reading when she has time to relax. 

One of her role models is her sister, Lillian Williamson, also a member of the Sweet Creations team. When she faced her own health struggles, Lillian gave her inspiration and courage to get off disability and take a job in retail.

Maggie has a philosophy she lives every day, “Always help someone. No matter what.”