Staff Spotlight: Meet Edith Jobe, Quality Control

December 01, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Meet Edith Jobe, Quality Control

One thing that’s clear about Edith Jobe is she “never met a stranger.” Her outgoing personality always puts a smile on customers’ faces at Sweet Creations Pie Bakery.

As head of quality control, Edith makes sure the kitchen is clean, well stocked, and ready to turn out delicious homemade pies. She sets up the kitchen every morning, picks up supplies and opens/closes the store.  

Edith describes her work at Sweet Creations as part of a seamless team effort and “one hand washes the other.”  

“It’s a nice Christian company. I’ll work for free! I just love Ms. Barbara Toms. It’s like a family,” says Edith.

Growing up in East Nashville, Edith attended Pearl High School and completed two years at Draughns business college. She became the general manager at Arby’s on West End Avenue where she worked for 40 years. The store became a top performer she earned a Caribbean cruise for her hard work on behalf of the company. Her proudest achievement is putting her two children through college at Ohio State University and Baylor University.

“I tell young people to go to school and get your education because you’ll need it.”

She is most passionate about her grandbabies Donovan, 9, and Bryce, 5, who live in Washington, D.C.

Edith says you have to have fun and laugh—especially at yourself. Having a loving family and faith community at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church has helped Edith through life’s challenges and appreciate her many blessings.