Staff Spotlight: Meet Carissa Brown, Sales Assistant II

October 13, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Meet Carissa Brown, Sales Assistant II

A Nashville native, Carissa Brown was looking for a chance to make a better life for her and her two children, ages, 2 and 6. A graduate of Glencliff High School, Brown sought training to pursue a career as a medical office assistant. But in time, she realized that it wasn’t a good fit.

Switching gears, Brown attended the Administrative Assistant training offered by Goodwill Career Solutions. After successfully completing the course, she earned her certificate of completion and a world of confidence.

Brown wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next, but she knew that she wanted it to combine her newly acquired skills with her passion for helping people. Shortly after that, her mother saw a news story of this little bakery opening up down on Historic Jefferson Street looking to make a positive impact in the North Nashville community. And they were hiring! Impressed by what she saw and heard, Brown’s mother encouraged her to apply.

And that’s exactly what Brown did. She was hired and started in July 2016.

“I wasn’t raised in North Nashville, but we live here now,” says Brown. “Working so close to home – close to my kids -  in such a positive environment has been so rewarding. I look forward to putting down roots here.”